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“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”

RoastTing Coffee Inc. has been proudly serving the best of quality coffee for the past 28 years of their journey.

Before rebranding the company’s name in 2018, the original name, Roaster Family Coffee, was founded on March 7th, 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan. As one of the pioneers for the coffee boom in Taiwan, our core goal is to serve the freshest coffee on the market.

The brand name, RoastTing derived from 烘焙( Hone-Pei), meaning “roast” in Chinese, and 丁 (Ting) which reflects the founder’s family name as well as verb form that is used as a present participle and gerund. The “T” and “g” also represents from “Taiwan to global.”

Starting from our first coffee shop in Neihu District, Taipei, we began to expand throughout Taipei as well as two locations in Los Angeles, California in the early 2000s. Now with a total location of 8 stores in Taipei, RoastTing Coffee opened their first flagship roastery which houses a brand new 2018 Probat 25 KG roaster for ensuring the highest quality under our very own roof. As educators in the coffee industry of Taipei, the flagship store also has a lecture space for hosting seminars and consultation for opening one’s own coffee shop.

We truly hope you enjoy RoastTing Coffee with appreciation from the bottom of our heart.

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